Meet New People

Instantly find interesting people that share the same passion for sports as you

Stay Motivated

FSB offers long-term motivation by giving you a comfortable and instantaneous way to find sports partners

No Membership Fee

Exercise whenever and wherever you want, without any charges or monthly fees

Nobody Wants To Play Alone

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy and comfortable way to exercise more regularly and meet interesting new people at the same time? We all find reasons not to do sports from time to time, even if we are passionate about them. Finding new sports partners and starting new sports have always been time-consuming and difficult. With Find Some Buddy, you’ll be able to find new sports partners in only two clicks!

Always find suitable sports partners

Not just anyone who happens to be at the spot

Use filters to quickly select the sports you are looking for and the time and location you want to play or exercise.

You will see a list of people that are also looking for a sports partner.

Once you find people that match your interests and skill level, just contact them with the app and meet them on site.


Use filters to select:

  • Type of Sport
  • Date & Time
  • Skill Level

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